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Long-term Lettings

Our long-term rentals are generally for tenants looking for rental periods of 6 months or longer. Shorter periods can be accommodated but at higher rates than those advertised.

The properties (one, two and three beds) become available regularly, in particular the Swinley apartment blocks, and are filled very quickly. We will be aware of when they are due to become free - please contact us on 01942 510560 to discuss their availability, arranging a viewing and making a reservation. They are conveniently located close to the centre of town. All of our available long-term lettings will be advertised on Zoopla - you can paste an address below into the Zoopla search box:

  • Swinley Road Wigan WN1 2DN
  • Dicconson Crescent Wigan WN1 2AA
  • Dicconson Terrace Wigan WN1 2AF
  • Acton Street Wigan WN1 2AH
  • Darlington Street East Wigan WN1 3BS
  • School Lane Wigan WN1 3QY
  • Clifton St Wigan WN3 5HN
  • Market Street Standish WN6 0HW
  • Hallgate Wigan WN1 1LR
  • Dicconson Crescent Wigan WN1 2AB
  • Upper Dicconson Street Wigan WN1 2AG
  • Wigan Lane Wigan WN1 1XS
  • Somerville Road Wigan WN1 2RX
  • Gilroy Street Wigan WN1 3LX
  • Birch St Wigan WN6 7EB


Serviced Accommodation

stay with us for any period from 2 nights or longer

substantive discounts given for weekly, monthly and bookings of a longer nature

These properties are an alternative to traditional hotels and provide a “home from home” experience. Whether you are looking for a short holiday break, are in-between house relocations, or have a fixed-term contract to work in the area, prices are tailored to your length of stay

You can book the accommodation through our website or contact us by telephone and ask for our direct booking discount. More photographs are on our website along with details about the apartment and the surrounding area

Wigan is recognised as a transportation hub with easy access to the two main-line train stations, bus station and the motorways M6, M62, M61, M60, M58, and M56

Call us on 01942 510560
or go to the Mandasa website to book accommodation